Evolving Steering Behaviors

This sketch is an elaboration on a Coding Challenge (#69) done on the Coding Train by Dan Shiffman. I began with the code from the end of part 4 and added several things. For a list of things that I changed, see the changes.txt file on the side

Color Key for Simulation

magenta vehicles are healthy and become cyan as they are declining in health. A health of 0 causes the vehicle to die and be removed
Vehicles have a maximum lifespan of 14000 frames and slowly darken until they get to their 14000th frame when they die an are removed
Vehicles are outlined in white when they are mature enough to reproduce and are half sized when they are younger than 2 seconds old.
Click to remove members of the population in a 100 radius circle around the mouse
This sketch is largely event driven. See here for a full description of the events used